8 February 2017
I've been making so many changes and tweaks in the last two years I've given up documenting.
Please see the site map on the home page if your having issues finding something.

20 December 2014
New menu link added for parts and decals. Please send me what parts you use to detail your models and when I update the website, I'll add them. Updated all other menus.
Massive updates to databases for models, parts, etc.
Minor changes to pages.

5 November 2014
Added page for where are they now.
Started the Member's Showcase links. In memorial to Gene, I made his slide show first.
Updated menu links.
Minor changes to pages.

7 August 2014
Added link to 2015 calendar order form.
Minor updates to pages.

4 August 2014
Updated the Product Database - don't forget to click on the header for your scale to download a pdf. The links to the pictures won't work tho. Too much work to remove them.
Minor updates to pages.

6 May 2014
Almost complete overhaul of the site.
Some old pages will remain while I receive information to update them.

28 April 2014
Updated events page for Railfest 2014
Moved title page menu to top.

10 March 2014
Cleaned up the "Modeler's Corner" page.
Started populating directories with model pix of manufacturers and custom models by modeler.

7 March 2014
With the sudden passing of Marc, we didn't get a chance to ask him about how he built our website. I was determined _not_ to build a whole new website and Mike agreed. That said; I have to eat a humble pie. Marc used a few tricks to make our website so fantastic. I really wish I could have spent at least a week with him. Some of the things he did I cannot find in my HTML 4 & 5 books. Was it an accident or a "feature" he used in his composing software.

I now find myself having to "rewrite" some of the code. I let Mike know and will notify the list that changes are going to happen, some fast, some slow. I am determined not to break too many links. Like none right now. The menus look different, that is to make it easier for me to maintain when I hack up some of the pages into more manageable chunks and segregate into more logical areas.

Dennis Manson,
Son of a Venice Carknocker

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