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Gulf Mobile & Ohio 2018 Reefers

The GM&OHS is proud to announce our next special run model project.

After many years, the famous Banana Reefers make their return! These are HO Scale R-40-23 refrigerator cars from Intermountain Railway Co. and will represent some of the leased NRC fleet of cars which featured GM&O sans-serif font lettering and black colored wing logos.

Care has been taken to avoid duplicating any road numbers previous production runs of years past (from both the GM&OHS and End Cab Models) enabling those who own those cars to simply add to your existing fleet with no conflicts. GM&O assembled long blocks (complete trains) of these leased cars to haul bananas northward from the port of Mobile, Alabama during the late 1940s to early 1960s period.

This car will be a MUCH better detailed model than any previous attempts at these cars, since they all used the much simpler Athearn car as a starting point. The models will come fully assembled featuring etched metal roof walks, metal wheel sets, separately applied grab irons, air hoses, brake rigging, and Kadee couplers.

Six individual car numbers will be produced, cars numbered 19526, 19578, 19607, 19613, 19633, and 19734.

We are offering the reefers for sale in 6-car sets so that you can easily create your own banana unit train of individually-numbered cars. There are 50 sets available.
No deposit.

A flyer will be sent in the mail-out.

Includes Shipping

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