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Issue 1
A message from the President
GM&O Up to Date
A Condensed History of the GM&O (GM&O family tree diagram)
How to Model GM&O’s only E-8
The Midnight Special
The Alton Route passenger photo gallery
1935 Streamline Trains (original consist floor plans for the Abraham Lincoln / Ann Rutledge)
GM&O Memorabilia (C&A clipart, condensed schedule covers)
Doug Steurer dedication

Issue 2
A Message from the President
GM&O Up to Date
Along the Right Of Way (track diagram: JO Tower)
The Plug (schedule, clipart)
Strangers on the Plug
Steam Photo Gallery
Memorabilia: Baggage Cart

Issue 3
Office Car
An Affair with Alco, Part I {see also: Part II}
GM&O Up-To-Date (ICG renumbering program list)
An American Classic
C&A Steam Locomotives: Atlantics (E-1, E-2 drawings, engineering data)

Issue 4
Office Car
An Affair with Alco, Part II {see also: Part I} (large black&White photo of 1947 Freedom Train)
Chicago & Alton 2-6-6-2’s (drawings, engineering data)
Where Did All the Varnish Go? (passenger equipment numbers 1969-1972, roster of cars still in private hands)
Along the Right of Way: Wilmington Station (track diagram)

Issue 5
Office Car
Modeler’s Corner: Diesel Paint Schemes - GM&O and Predecessors (detailed descriptions)
A Real Crowd Pleaser
Memorabilia: Dinner in the Diner (examples of dining car china service pieces)
Passenger timetable cover (Oct. 1946 - Jan. 1947; final timecard 07 Aug. 1972)
Office Car
Catching Up: Corrections Issue 3

Issue 6
Office Car
Memorabilia Collecting - Why, What & How
The Way it Was
Chicago & Alton Class I-6 Pacifics (drawings, engineering data) (additional photos in issue 7)

Issue 7
Office Car
Memorabilia: Lanterns
Along the Right of Way
The "Ann"... Yesterday and Today
A Chicago & Alton engine that never was (drawings, engineering data for proposed Berkshire)
Chicago & Alton Class I-6 Pacifics (Alton Class P-16) (con’t from issue 6)

Issue 8
Office Car
Route of the Rebel - The South's First Streamlined Air Conditioned Train
Gulf, Mobile & Northern Buys Motor Trains of Welded Construction (builder’s floor plan of the streamlined Rebel trainset)
The Parlor Car
Chicago & Alton Class L-2 Mikados (drawings, engineering data)
An Incident with the 4373

Issue 9
Office Car
The Rebel, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III} (builder’s photos of frame, prime mover and car interiors before installation of interior trim)
The Yankee & The Rebel
Passenger Extra
Office Car
In Memory of J.J. Honness
What Our Members Are Doing (map of where members live)

Issue 10
Office CAr
The Rebel, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II } (photos of power truck w/ motors installed, engine room, operator’s station, underside of pilot with truck removed; builder’s drawing of car body cross-section)
Chicago & Alton Class L-3 Mikados (drawings, engineering data)
More photos of C&A Class L-2 Mikados

Issue 11
Office Car
Chasing the Route of the Vanished Puddle-Jumper
Final Run Completed - April 14, 1960
A Look in the Hobby Shop Window

Issue 12
Office Car
GM&O at Night - A Photo Essay
Along the Right-of-Way: GM&O’s South End Today Part I
Gulf Coast Rebel
On Time!
Memorabilia: China pattern
Evolution of an Emblem (C&A logo artwork)

Issue 13
Office Car
Memorabilia: Silver Finery
Modeler’s Corner: Cabooses
C&A Class H-8 Consolidation (drawings, engineering data)

Issue 14
Office Car
GM&O Men & Women: Mr. & Mrs. W.K. Davis
Modeler’s Track: Custom Painting Cars
Editor's Note
Memorabilia: Calendars
Chicago & Alton Early Pacifics; Class I-1, I-2 and I-3 (drawings, engineering data)

Issue 15
Office Car
Along the Right of Way: Along the Western Division, Part I {see also: Part II} (complete track schematic of Mexico, MO)
When the Alton Route went Shopping for a Passenger Fleet, Part I - Coaches {see also: Part II, Part III} (detailed photos of ACF frame and car body construction)

Issue 16
########### MISSING PAGES ############
Office Car
When the Alton Route went Shopping for a Passenger Fleet, Part II - Parlors {see also: Part I, Part III}
Catching Up: Issues 3, 14, 15 updates and corrections
Motor Cars, Part I - Southern Region {see also: Part II, Part III} (drawings)

Issue 17
Office Car
Chicago & Alton Class G-3 Compound Ten Wheelers (Baldwin erecting drawings, engineering data)
GM&O F’s Retired
Along the Western Division, Part II {see also: Part I}

Issue 18
Significant Dates
Office Car
GM&O Up-to-Date
Catching Up - Look for these new GM&O items
When the Alton route went shopping for a Passenger Fleet, Part III - Sleepers
It was the GP30’s that Led the Parade

Issue 19
Office Car
Catching Up
Steam Power on the Road of Service, Part I
Motor Cars, Part II - Northern Region

Issue 20
Office Car
Catching Up: Issue 4 and 19 corrections
Steam Power on the Road of Service, Part II (All-Time GM&N Engine Roster
Memorabilia: Passes

Issue 21
Office Car
Catching Up: 1980 calendar corrections, historical information
The Ubiquitous RS1, Part I
Abe ’n Annie, Part I
Along the Right of Way: Francis, MO - Where the ’Q’ joined the Alton

Issue 22
Office Car
Catching Up: Summer & Fall Issue information updates
The Ubiquitous RS1, Part II
Abe ’n Annie, Part II

Issue 23
Significant Dates
Office Car
A Look into the Bloomington Shops

Office Car
Catching Up:Issue 20, 22 corrections
C&A Class D-7 American Standards
Modeler’s Track
Just a Railroad
Abe ’n Annie, Part III
Images of Interest

Issue 26 & 27
Office Car
Catching Up: Information update
Along the Right-of-Way: Roodhouse - Crossroads of the Western Division
Memorabilia: Stock and Bond Certificates (9, 1/4 size reproductions)
The Ubiquitous RS1, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II} (drawings, engineering data, final disposition roster)
Rebel Route Racer
Motor Cars, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II} (drawings, roster data)
Images of Interest

Issue 28 & 29
Office Car
C&A Shops Monument
Wrecker Cranes on the Alton Route (wrecker roster)
M&O's 4-6-2 Steam Passenger Power (drawings, engineering data, roster)
Tragic Drama at Murphysboro
C&A Glenn Yard Turntable (drawings, dimensional data)
Ride the Big Rebel (passenger train consists)
Portrait of Success: Melvin Mower
Up-to-Date: Issue 26-27 corrections, In remembrance: Walter Peters Images of Interest

Issue 30
Office Car
Up-to-Date: Issue 28-29 update
Gulf Arrow request for information
FD: the story of GM&O 79000 (depressed center flat car specifications, line drawing)
Booneville memories (Northbound No.6 Prairie State Express consist)
M&O's "Old 400's": the Introduction of Modern Steam Power (line drawings, tonnage charts, locomotive & tender specification data)

Issue 31
Office Car
Replacing the cylinder head on Alton 440
Union memories of the GM&O
When GM&O F units rescued Amtrak
Those Enduring E's, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (drawings and specs: Alton boxcab No.1200, EA No. 100A, E7's 101-103

Issue 32 & 33
Office Car: Thoughts at Large
Alton 1200-1209, The Story of the Aluminum Box Car
Along the Right of Way: South End Sojourn, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (route map of New Orleans/Mobile area)
Sometimes you get a second chance
Those Enduring E's, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III}
GM&O's Cantankerous Baldwins (drawings, engineering data, interior diagrams)
The New 400's - "Sport Models" of Steam Power (drawings, engineering and roster data)

Issue 34
Office Car: From Rebels to "Slingshots"
Catching Up: Corrections
Along the Right of Way: South End Sojourn, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III} (route map, St. Louis south to Jackson)
Alton Images of Interest: B&O Lady Baltimore
GM&O Images of Interest: Work Equipment
Gulf Coast Rebel Equipment Diagrams, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (drawings, engineering data)

Issue 35
Office Car
Catching Up: Issue 32-33 corrections
Along the Right of Way: South End Sojourn, Part III
Those Enduring E’s, Part III

Issue 36 & 37
Office Car
Catching Up: Issue 34-35 corrections
Those Not-So-Common M&O Consolidations (drawings, engineering data)
The Wreck at Ovett (track diagrams)
Classic Diesels: GM&O's Alco DL105's and DL109, Part I The early years 1940-1947 {see also: Part II} (Alco painting diagram, drawing, engineering data)
Alton Images of Interest
The Sherman Branch: A Dream that Never Came True (StLP&N route map, track diagrams, ad reprint, loco roster)

Issue 38
Office Car: Why the GM&O remained the GM&O, and why the Abraham Lincoln never ran to Mobile
Catching Up: Issue 36-37 information updates
RT&N: The Chicago & Alton's Granville Branch (map, timetable page reprints)
Motive Power of the RT&N
Classic Diesels: GM&O's Alco DL105's and DL109, Part 2 Assignments and Operational Features {see also: Part I}

Issue 39
Office Car: Early Demonstrations and the SD40's
Catching Up: Issue 32-33, 36-37 & 38 corrections
Big Reds, Part I [see also: Part II}
Lest We Forget
The Burksville Incident (diagrams)
Gulf Coast Rebel Equipment Diagrams, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III} (drawings, engineering info)

Issue 40 & 41
Office Car: A Positive Year for GM&O History
Up-to-Date: Special Report
Discovering the Gulf & Mississippi (route map)
Big Reds, Part II {see also: Part I} (line drawings, engineering data, GM&O SD40 Nos. 901-921, SD40X No. 950)
"Dinner Is Now Being Served"; GM&O Menu
Gulf Coast Rebel Equipment Diagrams, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II} (line drawings, engineering data, disposition of cars)
Cabooses, Part I (C&A/Alton heritage) {see also: Part II, Part III, Part IV} (line drawings, complete rosters)
The Head Brakeman's Cabin (line drawing: Alton Q-6 Mikado tender)

Issue 42
Office Car: A Sketch of Historical Sources
Catching Up: Issues 15, 38, 39, 40-41 corrections
The Ingalls Diesel-Electric Locomotive (line drawings, engineering data, Ingalls catalog pages)

Issue 43
Office Car: Saving the Past
Catching Up: Issue 42 update
Along the Right of Way: Murphysboro Depot: Silent Witness to Change (route map, track diagram)
Riding behind the 260’s
Alton Baggage Cars Nos. 400-419 (drawing, roster, interior photos)
Alton images of interest

Issue 44 & 45
Office Car: The Awakening Future
Catching Up: GM&O No. 1900
The Wrecker Crane’s Last Big Lift?
Mobile & Ohio's 0-6-0 Yard Power (line drawings, engineering specs., M&O 0-6-0 roster)
In Pursuit of the PA's (line drawings, engineering specs; includes special section on No. 292 former Alco/GE "Spirit of 76" Freedom Train unit)
Success Story: The West Tennessee Railroad (track plan)

Issue 46
Office Car: Remembering and Making History
A Look at 1986
Catching Up: Issue 44-45 corrections
Up-to-Date Glen P. Brock, Sr. Death
Crossroads of the South (track schematic of Union, MS)
Memorabilia: Chicago & Alton Timetables (reprints of 30 different timetable covers)Glen Porter Brock 1896-1987

Issue 47 & 48
Office Car: Happy Birthday Alton, Illinois
Alton: The Bluff City (maps)
Alton's Electric Railways (maps, roster)
The Bluff Line: Alton's Short Line (map, timetable)
Alton's Terminal Railroad: The Illinois Terminal (map)
The Big Four: Alton's Branch Line (map)
The Burlington: Alton's Bridge Line (map)
"She Just Keeps Rollin’ Along"
The Cutoff (track schematics)
The Old Main (track schematics, map)
The M&IB&B: Alton's Belt Line (track schematic)
Alton’s Park Train
Alton trains Nos. 34-35: The Motorcars (timetable, map)

Issue 49
Office Car
LP: The Self-Cleaning Pulpwood Cars
Of Bridges and Billboards
Images of Interest

Issue 50
Office Car: Changing Times
Catching Up: Issues 46, 47-48 corrections
Along the Right of Way: Sparta, Illinois - An Island of Railroading
Special Feature: GM&O Pulpwood Rack Cars
The Many Lives of No. 425
Citronelle, Alabama Depot to be restored
Alton images of Interest

Issue 51
Office Car: It's Up to You
Twilight of the GM&N
The Jack Line, Part I
Jackson, Tennessee: Hub of the GM&O

Issue 52 & 53
Office Car: Another Banner Year
Catching Up: Issue 51 corrections
Train Happy: The Story of a Bloomington Boyhood
The Pioneers: GM&O’s FA’s Part I
Houlka Treasures

Issue 54
Office Car: Gone... but not forgotten
The Pioneers: GM&O’s FA’s Part II
HM: Alton 61000-61149 Hoppers

Issue 55
Office Car: A Subject of Singular Importance
Society Caboose No. 2954 Dedication
The Jack Line, Part II (diagrams)

Issue 56
Office Car: See You in Kansas City
Lift Old Glory: Flag Dedication Ceremony, Bloomington Shops
Kansas City: The Unwanted Line

Issue 57
Office Car: Priorities for the Nineties
Catching Up: Issues 51, 55, 56 corrections
Memorabilia: C∓A 1885 Rate Sheet
First Train to Paducah and Tragedy at Westport (map)
The Hesitant Hero of Jackson
Images of Interest

Issue 58
Office Car
Concerning FA's on Alto Pass (Alto Pass grade diagram)
Columbus: The Town That Might Have Been (track schematic: Columbus, KY; 1877 M&O timetable)
Images of Interest

Issue 59 & 60
Office Car: Eighteen and Counting
New Orleans and the "Ozone Route" (maps, advertisements, timetables, railroad maps of: New Orleans, Canal Yard, Bogalusa Shops)

Issue 61
Office Car
Catching Up: Issue 58, 59-60 corrections
Along the Alton GM&O Route
The Jack Line, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II} (track diagrams and grade schematics for Hilltop, Tallula, Prentice, Sinclair, Jacksonville, Davis, Woodson, Murrayville, Manchester and Roodhouse)

Issue 62
Office Car
For the Record
It Must Have Been About '48 (GM&O Eastern Division grade diagram)
The GM&O In Mid-Mississippi in 1989 (track diagram ca. 1989)
Images of Interest

Issue 63 & 64
Office Car
Catching Up: Issue 59 & 60 corrections
The Meridian Saga: Growth and Decline of a Railroad Junction (track diagram Meridian, MS; timetable and advertising reprints; detailed shop complex diagrams)

Issue 65
Office Car: Modern Day GM&O
Catching Up: Issue 63&64 corrections
Alcos On The Southern Region, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (route map; chart of ruling grades: Murphysboro District; correspondence)

Issue 66
Office Car: Learning the Trade
Along the Alton GM&O Route
Along The Alton Route
A Talk With Mr. Brock (Railway Age advertisement)
Memorabilia: Pass Reprints
Images of Interest

Issue 67
Office Car
For The Record
Cabooses, Part II (Mobile & Ohio heritage) {see also: Part I, Part III, Part IV} (complete M&O caboose roster, scale & line drawings)

Issue 68 & 69
Office Car: First Encounter
Up-to-Date: Car 50 is on the move
Alcos On The Southern Region, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III} (Southern Region route maps: Tennessee Division, Union, MS, Louisiana Division; traffic department freight schedule map & chart; chart of ruling grades; index of initials for GM&O personnel; daily situation report, Alabama Division; correspondence)
Memorabilia: GM&O's Commercial Advertisements, Part I {see also: Part II}

Issue 70
Office Car: A New Beginning
Up-to-Date: Judge Milton Brown
Memorabilia: Public Timetables of the Mobile & Ohio and the Gulf, Mobile & Northern
Along the Right of Way: The GM&O in Union City, TN (scale drawings of Union City freight house; area system map; complete 2-page field engineer's track and structure schematic of Union City; advertisement)

Issue 71
Office Car: Remembering Marilyn...
Sorting Out Memories of the Railway Mail Service: 20 Years of Yarns from the Mailbag of a Retired Alton/GM&O RPO Clerk (misc. RPO paperwork; chart of RPO routes; roster of GM&O RPO cars as of Jan 1, 1950)
Mechanical Majesty
Doodlebugs On The "Ozone Route" (NOGN doodlebug roster)

Issue 72
Office Car: A Helping Hand...
Up-to-Date: GM&O 2106, Alton
The Peavine: GM&O's Southeastern Gateway (branch map; track & grade schematics)
Memorabilia: Public Timetables of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio

Issue 73
Office Car: what could have been...
Up-to-Date: To celebrate ten years...
When Coal and Braidwood Were Synonymous (ISGS map of mined-out coal, Area 1, 1950)
The Rebel (full color center spread)

Issue 74
Office Car: All in the family...
Gulf Transport Company: The Story of GM&O's Extraordinary Highway Subsidiary (GT timetables; all-time coach roster)

Issue 75
Office Car: Out little town...
Up-to-Date: GP35 631
In Defense of the M-351 (advertisements; NOGN "Ozone Route" system map; assignment of equipment on NOGN passenger trains, March 1931)
How to Build a DL105 (frame & carbody construction photos; Commonwealth truck photo)

Issue 76
Office Car: Who would have thought:...
GM&O's Joliet (region, detail maps and track schematics: Joliet area, Union Station, South Joliet Yard)
The GM&O Family Album: Joe Petric

Issue 77
Office Car: Changing Styles...
Catching Up: Issue 75, 76 correction
From Gas to Diesel (Doodlebugs) (blueprints; timetable cover)
Rebel Requiem
Tamms, Illinois: The Personal Recollections of a GM&O Railroader (track diagram: Tamms, IL)

Issue 78
Office Car: Variety is the spice...
Up-to-Date: Issue 72 GM&O 2106 update
Memories of the Hamp Line: A History of the Starkville Branch

Issue 79
Office Car: Personal Preferences...
Up-to-Date: Friends of the C&A Depot, GM&O SD40 913
Catching Up: Issue 78 corrections
The Salutary Switchers, Part I (Alco S1 & S2's)

Issue 80
Office Car: It seems like only yesterday...
For the Record
Alco's on the Southern Region, Part III, An inside look at diesel assignments and operations - GM&O style

Issue 81
Office Car: The more the merrier...
Catching Up
Baggage Cars of the GM&O
Reclaiming the Title
Along the Right of Way: Glenn Yard

Issue 82
Office Car: Years that end in seven...
Catching Up: Issue 79 and 81 corrections
Eastern Division Special (TRRA Passenger Conductors' Report of Consist, 1957; photos of many Special Transportation Notices [STN's]; a complete summary of STN's issued between April & December 1957; correspondence)
Just Another Run

Issue 83 & 84
Office Car: Timeline
Catching Up: Issue 82 correction
GM&O Family Tree
The Salutary Switchers, Part II (Alco's S1 & S2's) {see also: Part I}
The Ripley Railroad (correspondence; passes; complete roster of locomotives for the Ripley, Ship Island, Ripley & Kentucky, and Gulf & Chicago)
Mr. Tigrett's Railroad
Cabooses, Part III (Gulf, Mobile & Northern heritage) {see also: Part I, Part II, Part IV} (scale drawings: caboose No.24, GM&O No.2831; GM&N caboose dispositions)

Issue 85
Office Car: ...with our sincere gratitude
Up-to-Date: The end of an era...
Catching Up: Issue 83-84 corrections
Demolition of Bloomington Union Station
The Saga of No. 631 (train order, drawing, engineering data)
Frascati Craftsman
The Office at Frascati
The GM&O's Ore Car Fleet: GM&O's 62000-62299 series Hopper Cars (drawings, engineering data)
Images of interest

Issue 86 & 87
Office Car: Continuing History...
Up-to-Date: Calendar November 1998 update
M.O.W. request for information
Catching Up: Issue 85 corrections
Friend, We hardly knew ye... The GP38 story, Part I
"Make your connection here:" GM&O passenger service at St. Louis
Pequot Junction

Issue 88 & 89
Office Car: White flags and F units...
Catching Up: Issue 86-87 corrections
Friend, We hardly knew ye... The GP38 story, Part II
I would have stayed in Bloomington for the rest of my life: The story of Belin V. Brodie
...and she has her new dress on!
Why buy new? The GM&O railroad's 9900, 427750 & 440000 Rebuilt 40' boxcars
Mobile: The ancestral home of the GM&O

Issue 90
Office Car: You should have been there...
Catching Up: Issue 88-89 clarification
"Trains To Stop At Derma": The Story of the Okolona Branch and the OH&CC (OH&CC employee timetable; Okolona Branch/OH&CC/Chicksaw & Calhoun counties map; Okolona Branch schedules from the 1914 & 1921 timetables; GM&O standard train length sign drawing)
The way it should be...
Images of interest

Issue 91 & 92
Office Car: A greater per cent...
GM&O Questions and Answers
The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad - A Quarter Century Later and Counting, Part I {see also: Part II} (tour of the south end starting at milepost 0.0 in Mobile and heading north, including 19 track schematics)
"Big Reds" Running...
Reminiscences of the GM&O West End
Cabooses, Part IV (Alton steel-type) {see also: Part I, Part II, Part III} (roster, line drawings, mechanical specs, color photos)

Issue 93
Office Car: Book ends...
Catching Up: Issue 91-92 correction
GM&O Questions and Answers
27th Annual meeting weekend a success
Reclaiming our past; capturing our future
Change at Columbus: The 50th anniversary of GM&O Dieselization

Issue 94
Update on the GM&O F-units
How the Railroads Came to Jackson (map: Jackson, MS)
Bill Witbeck's Jackson
Sam Neville's First Railroad: A History of the Meridian & Memphis Railway (map, schedule, track diagrams, stock certificate)

Issue 95
Office Car
The Green Fleet, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (drawings, engineering data 50-foot boxcars)
The River Just Kept Coming Up (1945-1951 Western Division floods)
The Mobile & Ohio - Illinois Central Land Grant (map))
Mountains on a Flat Railroad: The NOGN 4-8-2's (drawings, map)
The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad - A Quarter Century Later and Counting, Part II {see also: Part I} (tour of the south end starting at milepost 386.06 in Jackson, TN and heading north to St. Louis, including 16 track schematics)

Issue 96
Office Car: Responding to Members
The cars that served the auto industry
The GM&N's "Atlantic Fleet"
Life on the rails... Reflections, Part I
The night the 450's went up Rose Hill

Issue 97
Office Car: A Timeless Train... ...Running on new rails
The handsomest train in the world: The Alton Limited, Part I

Issue 98
Office Car
When lumber was king on the Gulf Coast, Part I: GM&N's Louisiana log trains
Part II: Last log train on the GM&O
Part III: Pulpwood replaces lumber
The handsomest train in the world: The Alton Limited, Part II

Issue 99
Office Car: Why we still care
Up-to-date: Caboose back in "home road" colors!
The noblest Romans of them all: GM&N 250-class Decapod, Part I
The evolution of a Decapod: Engine 262 through the years
When the GM&O became history: The ICG in transition
The handsomest train in the world: The Alton Limited, Part III

Issue 100
Office Car: A Time for Celebration
Up-to-Date: How the former GM&O is key to the future of Midwest high-speed rail
How our society got its start
Isaac Burton Tigrett: Father of the GM&O (reprint of 1952 Newcomen Society of England address)
The quest for 100 miles: How the GM&O's ancestors achieved their 100-mark milestone
Century-Series steam power: The 100-class Mikados of the New Orleans, Mobile & Chicago
The elegant ladies of the GM&O (Alton/GM&O E7's)

Issue 101
Office Car: Surprise, Surprise!
Up-to-Date: South Joliet Yard Enters the 21st Century
The noblest Romans of them all: GM&N 250-class Decapod, Part II
Big red redux: A story of a railroad man and his red engines
The green fleet, Part II

Issue 102
Office Car: People and trains
Catching Up
GM&O's hostesses: Tigrett's ambassadors of good will
Confessions of a Rebelette (Clairborne Schley Walsh)
J.D.I. and the GM&O: The men who photographed the GM&O
A hostess learns about railroading (Mary Braxmeier Carlstead)

Issue 103
Office Car: Missed Opportunities on the GM&O and in the GM&OHS
Catching Up: 25 Years Ago... GM&O F's Retired by the ICG
Wings on Pigs: How the GM&O got into the TOFC business and why it failed
"It was a Box Car Railroad", A look at moving high wide shipments on the GM&O
Life on the rails, Part II

Issue 104
Office CAr: Of Icons and History
Images of interest (M.O.W. equipment)
M&O builds large shop in record time
The terrible twister of '25 (Murphysboro, Il shops destruction
Iselin and a history of Jackson shops
Recollections of Iselin Jesse Livingston)
A very good day in Jackson

Issue 105
Office Car: 1970: The GM&O and John Carson
Daniel F. Watson, Jr. and the GM&O: The men who photographed the GM&O
1970: The last year for the real GM&O

Issue 106
Office Car: Changing of the Guard
Up-to-Date: Look Who's Back in Town
Catching Up: Issue 103 & 105 Corrections
GM&O's 75025 - 75034 series Evans-built coil cars
Dining cars on the Alton Route

Issue 107
Office Car: The Road not Taken
Catching Up: 50th anniversary of the last run of the "Little Rebel'
Catching Up- Extra: GM&O engines leased in Cairo, Illinois
A day on the Alabama division
Let's go to Canal Yard, Louisiana, Part I
Images of interest - NRC reefers

Issue 108 & 109
Along the right of way: Mathison, MS
The Green Fleet, Part III
Let's go to Canal Yard again, Part II
One last ride on the GM&O (interior photos, menu, paperwork)
Images of interest: Along the Alton Route

Issue 110
Office Car
Do you know your GM&O rules?
Phillip Kotheimer, our man in Mobile: The men who photographed the GM&O
GM&O's three story highway

Issue 111
Office Car: Is There Life After the GM&OHS? You Betcha
Up-to-Date: Keeping the Spirit of the GM&O (and GM&OHS) Alive
Hauling black diamonds on the C&A (USRA drop bottom gondolas)
The wreck at Ocoya (1971) Amtrak wreck, accounts, reports
GM&O car 50: Rejuvenated railroad royalty (history of business car 50, meeting the current owner)
Do you know your GM&O rules?

Issue 112 & 113
Office Car: Thank You, GM&OHS
Up-to-Date: A Survivor Surfaces
Do you know Your GM&O Rules? Answer from Issue 111
GM&O's 1500s Part I: The utilitarian RS2s
Louisiana, Missouri
Walt Peters, our friend from Springfield: The men who photographed the GM&O

Issue 114
Office Car: You Don't Look a Day Over Twenty...
Up to Date: KCS upgrading track at Corinth
Catching Up: Errors in Issue 112-113
GM&O's 1500s Part II: Last dance with Alco: The RS3's

Office Car: Once upon a time...
Up-to-Date: Bloomington: That was then; this is now
Catching Up: Issue 114 corrections
"One of the Large Size Engines:" The somewhat curious tale of the NOM&C's Pacific's
Heralding the Rebel
The Rebel in the Land of Zephyrs
A day spent on the GM&O: June 25, 1970 at Joliet, Il

Issue 116
Office Car: Finding the Lost GM&O...
The cars that served the auto industry (59000 series 60' box cars)
Sperry and Speno on the Gee-Mo

Issue 117
Office Car: When 32 is not enough...
Mike Haper, The GM&O as I found it: The men who photographed the GM&O
The red and maroon in an orange and white world (first decade of ICG operation)
Springfield's 'Illuminations' (1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition inspired light display)

Issue 118
Office Car: Summer "To Do" Lists - Yours and Ours
GM&O History on the 8's... ...20, 30, 40 and 50 Years Ago
King of the road: The SD40 on the GM&O
The Burksville Incident: The story behind the story
Dining ware of the C&A

Issue 119
Office Car-Director's Special: The Last of the Giants
Along the Right of Way: Elwood, Il
King of the road: The SD40 on the GM&O, Part II
The GM&O in the realm of MADMEN, Part I (Industry advertising for a new railroad)
Along the right of way: Elwood, Il
Belin V. Bodie memorial office car

Issue 120
Office Car: So Many Worlds Still to Visit... ... So Many Stories to Tell
Catching Up: Acknowledgements
The Wreck at Cotton Plant (1949 collision of Rebel and freight in MS)
The GM&O in the realm of MADMEN, Part II (Industry advertising using GM&O)

Issue 121
Office Car: Then and now...
Sea Rebel (sixty year life of Gulf Transport Company's only yacht)
Richard R. 'Dick' Wallin, "Mr. GM&O," formerly the Reluctant GM&O fan: The men who photographed the GM&O

Issue 122
Office Car: -30-
From the Files of the GM&O: Wrecks and Mishaps
"2900:" The last 'word' in GM&O Cabooses: Part I, The Roodhouse Caboose, Nos. 2960 - 2964 (formerly WM Northeastern caboose rebuilds
The Fabulous Fifties: A look at the GM&O in the Rock n Roll era (1950's color photography)

Issue 123
Office Car: A Short Trip via Parmelee Transfer Company
Catching Up
"2900:" The last 'word' in GM&O Cabooses: Part II, The Modern Transfer Cabooses, No. 2970-2985
For Want of a Bolt... or Two

Issue 124
Office Car: And the Memories Linger On...
Where the Ten-Wheelers Went: The C&G Railway
The Men who Photographed the GM&O: Douglas M. "Doug" Steurer - GM&OHS co-founder had a short life, long legacy

Issue 125
Up to Date: Ridgley Tower Closes, Centerpoint Intermodal Center Along Alton Mainline Now Operational, Track Replacement Program from Brighton to Carlinville, Il, Lockport Station receives Historic Listing
Catching Up - corrections in issue 124
“2900”: The Last “Word” in GM&O Cabooses
Number 72 Gets a Face Lift

Issue 126
Office Car: A Few Words About a Very Special Book
EXTRA: High Speed Rail Coming to Illinois
GM&O North Second Section
Dan Collins' Last Run

Issue 127
Office Car: Welcome back to... Bloomington
Up-to-Date: GM&O GP35's Entering Their Sixth Decade of Service
"2900": The Last "Word" in GM&O Cabooses
The Target Shanty
Meet at Vinegar Bend

Issue 128
Office Car: Unlike Any Other Magazine...
Up-to-Date: Mid-America Corridor/New Frascati Shops An Instant Success
Mishap at the Panhandle
The Locomotives that Baldwin Built ...for the Mobile, Jackson, & Kansas City

Issue 129
Office Car: Dave Wagner 1956-2012
Catching Up: Issue 128 corrections
Up-to-Date: We have Some Good News and Some Bad News...
The Men who Photographed the GM&O: Bob Bullerman
Twentieth Century Boomer

Issue 130
Office Car: Explaining the Inexplicable
Forty Years after the Merger
Pocketful of Promos
Where on the GM&O are we...?

Issue 131
Office Car: A Look Behind the Curtain
Issue 130 corrections
"M" is for "Mass-ter Movement"! Part I: The Business of Setting Up "The Business"

Issue 132
Office Car
Up to Date
The Men who photographed the GM&O: J. Parker Lamb - Chasing the GM&O Action on the South End
The Union Turn: An Operating Linchpin
Images of Interest: Cabooses

Issue 133
Up to Date: Jack Line Rejuvenation by the Kansas City Southern
Catching Up: GM&O-Now and Then
"M" is for "Mass-ter Movement"! Part II: "The Business" Takes Off (Diagrams, Maps)
The Alton Route: Chicago Union Station's Tenacious Tenant

Issue 134
Office Car: Building the Vault
Alco Redux: A Look Back at the GM&O's First Love
From the Files of the GM&O: ALTON and GM&O Photo Profiles
Do You Know Your GM&O Rules?
The Art of the Dance of the Blown Meet

Issue 135
Office Car: Old Dog, New Tricks
Catching Up
The Men who photographed the GM&O - Joe Collias: The GM&O as I knew it
Customer Service: How and why the GM&O kept their biggest customer in Bogalusa happy
Crown Zellerbach's Electric Railway

Issue 136
Office Car: Moving forward
Catching Up
Warrior Southern: A Coal Hauler with four names
Dwight Illinois: Your average midwestern railroad town

Issue 137
Office Car: Child of the Sixties
Catching Up
The Swinging Sixties: GM&O's Decade of Success
The Havana Limited
Along the Right-of-Way

Issue 138
Office Car: Collecting the GM&O, or C&A, or M&O, or...
Collecting Annual Reports
Memorabilia: Chicago & Alton Ink Blotters
Memories of 1960
"Real Photo" Postcards, 1900 to 1930

Issue 139
Office Car: The GM&O: It Was Such a Fluke, Wasn't It?
The Bogue Chitto Branch
The Men Who Photographed the GM&O: J.J. Buckley, Our Man of Mystery

Issue 140
Office Car: Overlapping Years and Some New Direction
Collecting the GM&O and its predecessors GM&O's Commercial Advertisements Part 2
The Sunset Limited
Action in the "Jack Line's namesake town, Spring 1950
Modeling the GM&O: Recreating GM&O history in your own basement