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Occasionally we are asked if the GM&O Historical Society accepts memorabilia from estates or do we purchase items from individuals.
The short answer is "it depends."
We are not a centralized club that has a building where memorabilia is stored or displayed. We are a de-centralized body with a deep love of the GM&O. We do meet once a year at Railfest, of which visitors are welcome.
Sometimes, members have set up a trust so that items are passed on to another member in the event of their deaths. These are usually pictures and publications of interest to the society, something that families sometimes are not interested in. It is way nicer to have Grandpa’s railroad pocket watch than some old black and white pictures.
This is where the Gulf Mobile & Ohio Historical Society comes in. As a historical society, we are interested in documenting the past of the Gulf Mobile & Ohio, Gulf Mobile & Northern, Mobile & Ohio, and the other predecessor roads. Please contact the board of directors to discuss your collection. As we are a non-profit historical society, a tax credit may be in order.
A PayPal link is provided if you wish to make a cash donation. If you are doing this for a tax credit, please contact the Secretary.
Thank you for considering us

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