Issue No. 010
16 pages, 30 photos
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The Rebel, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II } (photos of power truck w/ motors
          installed, engine room, operator's station, underside of pilot with truck
          removed; builder's drawing of car body cross-section)

Chicago & Alton Class L-3 Mikados (drawings, engineering data)
More photos of Chicago & Alton Class L-2 Mikados

Issue No. 011
16 pages, 28 photos
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Chasing the Route of the Vanished Puddle-Jumper
Final Run Completed - April 14, 1960
A Look in the Hobby Shop Window
Issue No. 012
16 pages, 24 photos
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GM&O at Night - A Photo Essay
Along the Right-Of-Way: GM&O's South End Today, Part I
Gulf Coast Rebel
On Time!
Memorabilia: China pattern
Evolution of an Emblem (C&A logo artwork)
Issue No. 013
16 pages, 46 photos
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Memorabilia: Silver Finery
Modeler's Corner: Cabooses
Chicago & Alton Class H-8 Consolidations (drawings, engineering data)
Issue No. 014
16 pages, 20 photos
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GM&O Men & Women: Mr. & Mrs. W.K. Davis
Modeler's Track: Custom Painting Cars
Memorabilia: Calendars
Chicago & Alton Early Pacifics; Class I-1, I-2 and I-3 (drawings, engineering data)
Issue No. 015
16 pages, 32 photos
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Along the Western Division, Part I {see also: Part II} (complete track schematic of
          Mexico, MO)

When the Alton Route went Shopping for a Passenger Fleet, Part I - Coaches
          {see also: Part II, Part III} (detailed photos of ACF frame and carbody

Issue No. 016
16 pages, 29 photos
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When the Alton Route went Shopping for a Passenger Fleet, Part II - Parlors
          {see also: Part I, Part III}
Motor Cars, Part I - Southern Region {see also: Part II, Part III} (drawings)

Issue No. 017
16 pages, 28 photos
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Chicago & Alton Class G-3 Compound Ten Wheelers (Baldwin erecting drawings,
          engineering data)

GM&O F's Retired!
Along the Western Division, Part II {see also: Part I}


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