Issue No. 026-27
40 pages, 70 photos
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Along the Right-Of-Way: Roodhouse - Crossroads of the Western Division
Memorabilia: Stock and Bond Certificates (9, 1/4 size reproductions)
The Ubiquitous RS1, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II} (drawings, engineering data,
          final disposition roster)

Rebel Route Racer
Motor Cars, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II} (drawings, roster data)

Issue No. 030
20 pages, 22 photos
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FD: the story of GM&O 79000 (depressed center flat car specifications, line

Booneville memories (Northbound No.6 Prairie State Express consist)
M&O's "Old 400's": the Introduction of Modern Steam Power (line drawings,
          tonnage charts, locomotive & tender specification data)

Issue No. 031
20 pages, 27 photos
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Replacing the cylinder head on Alton 440
Union memories of the GM&O
When GM&O F units rescued Amtrak
Those Enduring E's, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (drawings and specs: Alton
          boxcab No.1200, EA No. 100A, E7's 101-103)

Issue No. 032-33
40 pages, 55 photos
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Alton 1200-1209, the Story of the Aluminum Box Car
South End Sojourn, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (route map of New Orleans,
          Mobile area)

Sometimes You Get a Second Chance
Those Enduring E's, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III}
GM&O's Cantankerous Baldwins (drawings, engineering data, interior diagrams)
The New 400's - "Sport Models" of Steam Power (drawings, engineering and
          roster data)


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