Issue No. 038
20 pages, 25 photos
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RT&N: The Chicago & Alton's Granville Branch (map, timetable page reprints)
Motive Power of the RT&N
Classic Diesels: GM&O's Alco DL105's and DL109, Part II {see also: Part I}

Issue No. 039
20 pages, 30 photos
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Big Reds, Part I [see also: Part II}
Lest We Forget
The Burksville Incident (diagrams)
Gulf Coast Rebel Equipment Diagrams, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III} (drawings,
          engineering info)
Issue No. 040-41
40 pages, 49 photos
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Discovering the Gulf & Mississippi (route map)
Big Reds, Part II {see also: Part I} (line drawings, engineering data, GM&O
          SD40 Nos. 901-921, SD40X No. 950)

"Dinner Is Now Being Served"; GM&O Menu
Gulf Coast Rebel Equipment Diagrams, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II} (line
          drawings, engineering data, disposition of cars)

Cabooses, Part I (C&A/Alton heritage) {see also: Part II, Part III, Part IV} (line
          drawings, complete rosters)

The Head Brakeman's Cabin (line drawing: Alton Q-6 Mikado tender)
Issue No. 042
20 pages, 23 photos
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The Ingalls Diesel-Electric Locomotive (line drawings, engineering data,
          Ingalls catalog pages)
Issue No. 043
20 pages, 33 photos
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Murphysboro Depot: Silent Witness to Change (route map, track diagram)
Riding Behind the 260's
Alton Baggage Cars Nos. 400-419 (drawing, roster, interior photos)
Issue No. 044-45
40 pages, 61 photos
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GM&O No. 1900
The Wrecker Crane's Last Big Lift?
Mobile & Ohio's 0-6-0 Yard Power (line drawings, engineering specs.,
          M&O 0-6-0 roster)

In Pursuit of the PA's (line drawings, engineering specs; includes special section
          on No. 292 former Alco/GE "Spirit of 76" Freedom Train unit)

Success Story: The West Tennessee Railroad (track plan)

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