Issue No. 046
24 pages, 13 photos
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A Look at 1986
Crossroads of the South (track schematic of Union, MS)
Memorabilia: Chicago & Alton Timetables (reprints of 30 different timetable

Issue No. 047-48
44 pages, 89 photos
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Alton: The Bluff City (maps)
Alton's Electric Railways (maps, roster)
The Bluff Line: Alton's Short Line (map, timetable)
Alton's Terminal Railroad: The Illinois Terminal (map)
The Big Four: Alton's Branch Line (map)
The Burlington: Alton's Bridge Line (map)
"She Just Keeps Rollin' Along"
The Cutoff (track schematics)
The Old Main (track schematics, map)
The M&IB&B: Alton's Belt Line (track schematic)
Alton's Park Train
Alton trains Nos. 34-35: The Motorcars (timetable, map)

Issue No. 049
16 pages, 30 photos
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LP the Self-Cleaning Pulpwood Cars (drawings, construction photos of frame)
Of Bridges and Billboards (map of GM&O plate girder bridges in Chicago and
          the slogans painted on them)

Issue No. 050
20 pages, 37 photos
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Sparta, Illinois - An Island of Railroading (track diagrams, timetable page)
Special Feature: GM&O Pulpwood Rack Cars
The Many Lives of No. 425 (consists)
Citronelle, Alabama Depot to be Restored

Issue No. 051
28 pages, 26 photos
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The Jack Line, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (maps, building plans, timetable
          pages, glossary of initials and company names: C&A/Alton predecessors)

Jackson, Tennessee: Hub of the GM&O (track plan, schedules)

Issue No. 052-53
32 pages, 19 photos
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Train Happy: The Story of a Bloomington Boyhood (ticket reproductions)
The Pioneers: GM&O's FA's Part I {see also: Part II} (ALCO painting diagram,
          complete internal drawings and engineering data showing locations of all
          components, ALCO operation and service manual page reprints)

Houlka Treasures (map, photos of many types of documents)


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