Issue No. 054
20 pages, 20 photos
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The Pioneers: GM&O's FA's, Part II {see also: Part I} (GM&O FA advertisements,
          diesel locomotive freight train performance reports)

HM: Alton 61000-61149 Hoppers (complete plans)

Issue No. 055
28 pages, 39 photos
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Society Caboose No. 2954 Dedication (map)
The Jack Line, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III} (extensive track diagrams)

Issue No. 056
16 pages, 22 photos
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Lift Old Glory: Flag Dedication Ceremony, Bloomington Shops
Kansas City: The Unwanted Line (map, track diagram)

Issue No. 057
16 pages, 12 photos
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Memorabilia: Chicago & Alton 1885 Rate Sheet (rate sheet copy)
First Train To Paducah and Tragedy At Westport (maps)
The Hesitant Hero of Jackson (reprint 1947 Saturday Evening Post feature on
          Ike Tigrett)

Issue No. 058
20 pages, 19 photos
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Concerning FA's on Alto Pass (Alto Pass grade diagram)
Columbus: The Town That Might Have Been (track schematic: Columbus, KY;
          1877 M&O timetable)

Issue No. 059-60
36 pages, 41 photos
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New Orleans and the "Ozone Route" (maps, advertisements, timetables, railroad
          maps of: New Orleans, Canal Yard, Bogalusa Shops)

Issue No. 061
32 pages, 35 photos
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The Jack Line, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II} (track diagrams and grade
          schematics for Hilltop, Tallula, Prentice, Sinclair, Jacksonville, Davis,
          Woodson, Murrayville, Manchester and Roodhouse)


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