Issue No. 062
16 pages, 15 photos
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It Must Have Been About '48 (GM&O Eastern Division grade diagram)
The GM&O In Mid-Mississippi in 1989 (track diagram ca.1989)

Issue No. 063-64
44 pages, 38 photos
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The Meridian Saga: Growth and Decline of a Railroad Junction (track diagram
          Meridian, MS; timetable and advertising reprints; detailed shop complex

Issue No. 065
20 pages, 15 photos
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Alcos On The Southern Region, Part I {see also: Part II, Part III} (route map; chart
          of ruling grades: Murphysboro District; correspondence)

Issue No. 066
16 pages, 15 photos
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Along The Alton Route
A Talk With Mr. Brock (Railway Age advertisement)
Memorabilia: Pass Reprints

Issue No. 067
16 pages, 19 photos
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For The Record
Cabooses, Part II (Mobile & Ohio heritage) {see also: Part I, Part III, Part IV}
          (complete M&O caboose roster, scale & line drawings)

Issue No. 068-69
40 pages, 38 photos
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Alcos On The Southern Region, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III} (Southern Region
          route maps: Tennessee Division, Union, MS, Louisiana Division; traffic
          department freight schedule map & chart; chart of ruling grades; index
          of initials for GM&O personnel; daily situation report, Alabama Division;

Memorabilia: GM&O's Commercial Advertisements, Part I {see also: Part II}


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