Issue No. 070
20 pages, 13 photos
c | c
Memorabilia: Public Timetables of the Mobile & Ohio and the Gulf, Mobile &
The GM&O in Union City, TN (scale drawings of Union City freight house; area
          system map; complete 2-page field engineer's track and structure schematic
          of Union City; advertisement)

Issue No. 071
20 pages, 21 photos
c | c
Sorting Out Memories of the Railway Mail Service: 20 Years of Yarns from the
          Mailbag of a Retired Alton/GM&O RPO Clerk (misc. RPO paperwork; chart of
          RPO routes; roster of GM&O RPO cars as of Jan 1, 1950)

Doodlebugs On The "Ozone Route" (NOGN doodlebug roster)

Issue No. 072
20 pages, 13 photos
bw | bw
The Peavine: GM&O's Southeastern Gateway (branch map; track & grade

Memorabilia: Public Timetables of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio

Issue No. 073
24 pages, 19 photos
bw | bw
When Coal and Braidwood Were Synonymous (ISGS map of mined-out coal,
          Area 1, 1950)

The Rebel (full color centerspread)

Issue No. 074
24 pages, 20 photos
c | c
Gulf Transport Company: The Story of GM&O's Extraordinary Highway Subsidiary
          (GT timetables; all-time coach roster)

Issue No. 075
20 pages, 18 photos
bw | bw
In Defense of the M-351 (advertisements; NOGN "Ozone Route" system map;
          assignment of equipment on NOGN passenger trains, March 1931)

How to Build a DL105 (frame & carbody construction photos; Commonwealth
          truck photo)

Issue No. 076
24 pages, 33 photos
c | c
GM&O's Joliet (region, detail maps and track schematics: Joliet area, Union Station,
          South Joliet Yard)

The GM&O Family Album: Joe Petric

Issue No. 077
20 pages, 15 photos
bw | bw
From Gas to Diesel (doodlebugs) (blueprints; timetable cover)
Rebel Requiem
Tamms, Illinois: The Personal Recollections of a GM&O Railroader
          (track diagram: Tamms, IL)


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