Issue No. 078
36 pages, 29 photos
bw | bw
Memories of the Hamp Line: A History of the Starkville Branch (route map:
          New Orleans, LA; timetable schedules; street map & track schematic:
          Starkville, MS; 1940 M&O timetable cover; track profile: Starkville Branch)

Issue No. 079
20 pages, 22 photos
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The Salutary Switchers, Part I (Alco S1 & S2's) {see also: Part II} (roster; line
          drawings; truck, prime mover, frame & car body interior photos [Blunt-type
          truck / 6 cyl McIntosh & Seymour model 539 prime mover / GE GT552 main
          generator]; data)

Issue No. 080
24 pages, 20 photos
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Alcos On The Southern Region, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II}   
Issue No. 081
24 pages, 24 photos
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Baggage Cars of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (all-time roster of baggage, storage mail
          and express car equipment)

Glenn Yard (track plan; line drawings of coal chute, sand bin, ash pits & loading

Issue No. 082
20 pages, 11 photos
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Eastern Division Special (TRRA Passenger Conductors' Report of Consist, 1957;
          photos of many Special Transportation Notices [STN's]; a complete summary
          of STN's issued between April & December 1957; correspondence)

Issue No. 083-84
40 pages, 41 photos
(3 in color)
c | c
GM&O Family Tree
The Salutary Switchers, Part II (Alco's S1 & S2's) {see also: Part I}
The Ripley Railroad (correspondence; passes; complete roster of locomotives
          for the Ripley, Ship Island, Ripley & Kentucky, and Gulf & Chicago)

Cabooses, Part III (Gulf, Mobile & Northern heritage) {see also: Part I, Part II,
          Part IV} (scale drawings: caboose No.24, GM&O No.2831; GM&N caboose

Issue No. 085
20 pages, 19 photos
c | c
Demolition of Bloomington Union Station
The Saga of No. 631 (train order, drawing, engineering data)
Frascati Craftsman
The Office at Frascati
The GM&O's Ore Car Fleet: GM&O's 62000-62299 series Hopper Cars (drawings,
          engineering data)


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