Issue No. 086-87
40 pages, 29 photos
c | c
Friend, We Hardly Knew Ye...The GP38 Story, Part I {see also: Part II} (line drawing,
          GM&O GP38 roster)

"Make Your Connections Here": GM&O Passenger Service at St. Louis (includes
          2-page track schematic of St. Louis Union Station complex from Broadway
          west to Spring Ave.)

Pequot Junction (track schematic: Coal City, IL)

Issue No. 088-89
40 pages, 31 photos
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Friend, We Hardly Knew Ye...The GP38 Story, Part II {see also: Part I} (line
          drawings, GM&O GP38AC and GP38-2 rosters)

I Would Have Stayed In Bloomington For The Rest Of My Life: The Story of
          Belin V. Bodie
Why Buy New? The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad's 9900, 427750 & 440000 Rebuilt
          40-foot Boxcars Mobile: The Ancestral Home of the GM&O (track schematic:
          Mobile, AL 1998)

Issue No. 090
24 pages, 15 photos
(color center spread)
bw | bw
"Trains To Stop At Derma": The Story of the Okolona Branch and the OH&CC
          (OH&CC employee timetable; Okolona Branch/OH&CC/Chicksaw & Calhoun
          counties map; Okolona Branch schedules from the 1914 & 1921 timetables;
          GM&O standard train length sign drawing)

Issue No. 091-92
40 pages, 30 photos
(10 in color)
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The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad - A Quarter Century Later and Counting, Part I
          {see also: Part II} (tour of the south end starting at milepost 0.0 in Mobile
          and heading north, including 19 track schematics)

Reminiscences of the GM&O on the West End
Cabooses, Part IV (Alton steel-type) {see also: Part I, Part II, Part III} (roster, line
          drawings, mechanical specs, color photos)

Issue No. 093
20 pages, 28 photos
(color center spread)
c | c
27th Annual Meeting Weekend a Success
Reclaiming Our Past, Capturing Our Future
Change at Columbus: The 50th Anniversary of GM&O Dieselization


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