Issue No. 099
32 pages, 46 photos
bw | c
The Noblest Romans of Them All: GM&N 250-Class Decapods, Part I {see also:
          Part II} (diagrams, engineering data)
The Evolution of a Decapod: Engine 262 Through the Years
When The GM&O Became History: The ICG in Transition
The Handsomest Train In The World: The Alton Limited, Part III {see also: Part I,
          Part II} (car disposition/last assignment roster)

Issue No. 100
32 pages, 31 photos
c | c
How Our Society Got Its Start (issue nos.1 and 2 covers reproduced)
Isaac Burton Tigrett Father of the GM&O (reprint of 1952 Newcomen Society of
          England address) (GM&O corporate family tree diagram)
The Quest for 100 Miles: How the GM&O's Ancestors Achieved Their 100-Mark
          Milestones (where milepost 100 sat for the MJ&KC, M&O, NOGN, C&A)
Century-Series Steam Power: The 100-Class Mikados of the New Orleans,
          Mobile & Chicago (diagram, engineering data)
The Elegant Ladies of the GM&O (Alton/GM&O E7's)

Issue No. 101
24 pages, 26 photos
c | c
The Noblest Romans of Them All: GM&N 250-Class Decapods, Part II {see also:
          Part I} (tonnage ratings, Baldwin specifications card)
Big Red Redux: A Story of a Railroad Man and His Red Engines
The Green Fleet, Part II {see also: Part I, Part III}

Issue No. 102
32 pages, 41 photos
bw | c
GM&O's Hostesses: Tigrett's Ambassadors of Good Will (roster of hostesses

Confessions of a Rebelette (Clairborne Schley Walsh)
J.D.I. and the GM&O: The Men Who Photographed the GM&O
A Hostess Learns About Railroading (Mary Braxmeier Carlstead)

Issue No. 103
32 pages, 41 photos
c | c
Wings On Pigs: How the GM&O Got Into the TOFC Business and Why it Failed
          (ramp location map, all-time lease rosters Realco, Xtra intermodal trailers)
A Look at Moving High Wide Shipments on the GM&O
Life On The Rails, Part II {see also: Part I} (Sanford J. Ritchey family story
          continued, map)

Issue No. 104
32 pages, 51 photos
c | bw
Images of Interest (M.O.W. equipment)
Mobile & Ohio Builds Large Shop In Record Time (reprint of 3-27-26 Railway Age
          article, complex diagram, floor plan, cross section)

The Terrible Twister of '25 (Murphysboro, IL shops destruction) (postcard views
          of pre-disaster yards, map)

Iselin and a History of Jackson Shops
Recollections of Iselin (Jesse Livingston)
A Very Good Day In Jackson


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