Issue No. 105
32 pages, 43 photos
c | c
Daniel F. Watson, Jr. and the GM&O: The Men Who Photographed the GM&O (map)
1970: Last Year For the Real GM&O

Issue No. 106
32 pages, 30 photos
c | c
GM&O's 75025-75034 Series Evans-built Coil Cars (diagrams, engineering data)
Dining Cars On the Alton Route (15 diagrams/blueprints, all-time dining car roster)

Issue No. 107
24 pages, 27 photos
c | bw
50th Anniversary of the Last Run of the 'Little Rebel'
GM&O Engines Leased In Cairo, Illinois
A Day On The Alabama Division (map)
Let's Go To Canal Yard, Louisiana, Part I {see also: Part II} (map, track diagram)
Images of Interest - NRC Reefers

  Issue No. 108-109
48 pages, 60 photos
c | c
Along The Right Of Way: Mathiston, MS
The Green Fleet, Part III {see also: Part I, Part II}
Let's Go To Canal Yard Again, Part II {see also: Part I} (interchange printouts)
One Last Ride On The GM&O (interior photos, menu, paperwork)
Images Of Interest: Along The Alton Route

  Issue No. 110
32 pages, 43 photos
c | c
Do You Know Your GM&O Rules? (mini rules exam taken from the 1951 GM&O Operating Department rulebook)
Phillip Kotheimer, Our Man In Mobile: The Men Who Photographed the GM&O
GM&O's Three Story Highway (Auto Rack fleet roster)

  Issue No. 111
32 pages, 51 photos
c | c
Hauling Black Diamonds on the C&A (USRA drop bottom gons) (rebuilding photos, diagrams)
The Wreck at Ocoya (1971 Amtrak wreck, accounts, reports)
GM&O Car 50: Rejuvenated Railroad Royalty (history of business car 50, meeting the current owner)
Do You Know Your GM&O Rules? (mini exam from 1951 GM&O rule book; answers to ?'s in issue #110)

  Issue No. 112-113
48 pages, 61 photos
c | c
GM&O's 1500s Part 1: The Utilitarian RS2s
Louisiana, Missouri (map, diagrams)
Walt Peters, Our Friend From Springfield: The Men Who Photographed the GM&O
Do You Know Your GM&O Rules? (answers to ?'s in issue #111)


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