Issue No. 114
24 pages, 25 photos
c | c
GM&O's 1500s Part 2, Last Dance With Alco: The RS3's (scale drawings/data for both-RS2 and RS3, disposition table for 1500 class locomotives)
Issue No. 115
32 pages, 38 photos
c | c
"One of the Large Size Engines" the Somewhat Curious Tale of the NOM&C's Pacifics (builder specs, roster, ratings, diagram)

Heralding The Rebel (1935 Railway Age publicity campaign-numerous parts supplier ads)

The Rebel in the Land of Zephyrs (Center spread)

A Day Spent on the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio: June 25, 1970 at Joliet, Ill. (Owen Leander's documentation of traffic this day)

Issue No. 116
24 pages, 24 photos
c | c
The Cars That Served The Auto Industry (59000 series 60' box cars) (diagrams) NOTE: this is a corrected printing of the story originally published in issue #96)

 Sperry and Speno On the Gee-Mo  (track surfacing chart, train orders, industry ads)

Issue No. 117
32 pages, 49 photos
c | c
Mike Haper, The GM&O As I Found It: The Men Who Photographed the GM&O

The Red and Maroon in an Orange and White World (first decade of ICG operation)

Springfield's 'Illuminations' (1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition inspired light display)



Issue No. 118
32 pages, 47 photos
c | c
King of the Road: The SD40 on the GM&O (part. 1) (diagrams)

The Burksville Incident...The Story Behind the Story

Dining Ware of The C&A (china patterns, menus)


Issue No. 119
32 pages, 43 photos
c | c
King of the Road: The SD40 on the GM&O (part. 2) (all-time roster)

The GM&O in the Realm of MADMEN (industry advertising for a new railroad)

Along The Right of Way: Elwood, IL

Belin V. Bodie memorial Office Car


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