Issue No. 120
24 pages, 35 photos
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The Wreck at Cotton Plant (1949 collision of Rebel and freight in Miss.)
The GM&O in the Realm of MADMEN, part 2 (industry advertising using GM&O)
  Issue No. 121
32 pages, 42 photos
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Sea Rebel (sixty year life of Gulf Transport Company's only yacht)

Richard R. 'Dick' Wallin, "Mr. GM&O," Formerly the Reluctant GM&O Fan: The Men Who Photographed the GM&O

  Issue No. 122
32 pages, 38 photos
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"2900": The Last 'Word' in GM&O Cabooses: Part 1,The Roodhouse Caboose, Nos. 2960-2964 (former WM Northeastern caboose rebuilds) (diagram)

The Fabulous Fifties: A Look at the GM&O in the Rock n Roll Era (1950's color photography) (pocket calendars of the 1950s)

  Issue No. 123
24 pages, 39 photos
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Office Car: Parmelee Transfer service in Chicago

"2900": The Last 'Word' in GM&O Cabooses: Part 2,The Modern Transfer Cabooses, Nos. 2970-2985 (diagram, roster)

For Want of a Bolt...or Two (day in the life of a MJ&KC engine crew)

  Issue No. 124
24 pages, 43 photos
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Where the Ten-Wheelers Went: The C&G Railway (map, roster)

Douglas M. “Doug” Steurer: GM&OHS co-founder had a short life, long legacy: The Men Who Photographed the GM&O

  Issue No. 125
32 pages, 44 photos
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Up To Date: Farewell to Ridgley Tower

"2900": The Last 'Word' in GM&O Cabooses: Part 3,The 2950-series Extended Wide-Vision Cabooses (diagram, roster)

One Man’s Career on the GM&O: My Grandfather, Earl Young

Number 72 Gets a Face Lift (preservation of NOGN/GM&N/GM&O Ten-Wheeler) (diagram)

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