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Membership The GM&OHS sponsors a number of events each year where members can greet old friends and make new ones. Our annual fall Railroadiana Show is held in conjunction with our Annual Meeting and Dinner Banquet. Sellers and buyers from all over mark their calendars for these not-to-be-missed events, and members receive reduced rates on tables. The GM&OHS Annual Meeting, held in a GM&O on-line city each October is an all-day event including railroadiana tables, model contests, and a banquet featuring captivating guest speakers and an audio/visual presentation of extraordinary interest. It has come to pass that this historical society dedicated to preserving the history of the GM&O has surpassed the railroad in number of years in existence. The dedicated members of the Society have worked hard and achieved many noteworthy accomplishments:

All members receive our quality photo journal the GM&OHS News, and the Switchlist, our quarterly newsletter. Memberships run from January 1st to December 31. Regardless of when you join, you will receive all printed materials, including back issues, for that calendar year(cutoff date is Nov. 1st of each year. Memberships received after November 1st are applied to the following year).  Because your dues dollar retains its value all year long, a GM&OHS membership also makes an ideal gift for that special railfan!

Sustaining and Benefactor Memberships are a great way to give a little extra to support the Society’s efforts. Sustaining and Benefactor members are acknowledged at least once per year in the News, and they receive free admission to all GM&OHS-sponsored train shows.  As the GM&OHS is a not-for-profit entity, a tax benefit may be available to members for the additional amount donated.


It’s easy to become a member!  It’s easy to renew your membership! You can just use the PayPal buttons!

Using PayPal is the most convenient way to join the GM&O Historical Society. Current members are welcome to renew their membership through this online feature, as well. One need not have an existing PayPal account to use this service. Simply follow the checkout process as a new customer.

For Regular and Senior memberships, click the ’add to cart’ button next to that choice. For either Sustaining or Benefactor memberships, clicking the ’add to cart’ button will charge the base level of either $50 or $100. To increase your contribution beyond those levels, please click on combinations of additional dollar amounts at the bottom of the page to reach the desired total donation. Thank you!

«» International memberships, please include an additional $15 to cover increased postal expense. «»

«» Canadian members please add $10 for cross border mailings. «»


Senior $25.00

A special rate in appreciation for our senior members for the calendar year.



Regular $30.00

Regular memberships for the calendar year.



Sustaining $50.00 - 99.00

Choosing this level starts at the base amount of $50.  Please type in an amount between $50.00 and $99.00 when you get to the PayPal screen.  Thank you.



Benefactor $100.00 or more

This level begins at $100.  Type in the amount you wish when you get to the papal screen.



Donate at any time!

If you prefer snail-mail, or just like to use paper, print out and complete the printable membership form, then mail with appropriate dues amount to the GM&O’s address.

Please make your check or money order payable to:GM&OHS

GM&O Historical Society
Attn: Secretary
P.O. Box 382303
Germantown, TN 38183

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