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GM&O in the U.K.

International member Dr. Robin Swan is now the owner/exhibitor of a superb HO layout built by Peter North. The fictitious southern Illinois town of Rosa comes to life with excellent details that give the area a feeling of midwest familiarity.

Featured as the 'Railway of the Month' in the October 2006 issue of Continental Modeller(a magazine by Peco Publications & Publicity Ltd.), photographer Steve Flint and the publisher have graciously given us permission (and provided the photo files) to share the views of Rosa, IL with our visitors. Click on the magazine to see 14 photos of this great small layout.

GM&OHS member Jim VanHouten now lives in Maricopa, Arizona, but has built a layout based on his childhood memories growing up in Moberly, Missouri. Here, doodlebugs still roam and life unfolds at a bit slower pace. In addition to the GM&O, Jim models the Katy and Wabash railroads (and is a member of their respective historical societies, as well).

GM&O fan at-large Randy James has sent in the following photos. Randy is from Jackson, TN. and volunteers at the NC&StL depot museum.

It’s early 1967 at Iselin Shops, Jackson, Tenn. and an era in motive power transition is taking place, as elder Alco FA1 no. 750 gets ready for its last shopping, while newly minted EMD SD40 no. 910 basks in the lights in front of the shops.  It appears one of the north end passenger E7's, no. 100, is in the shop for repairs after breaking down on the Board of Directors Special.

A crew change is under way just north of Union Station, after GP30's no. 501 & 502, fresh from EMD, have pulled a line of empty southbound banana cars into Jackson, TN. The empties were picked up at Reeves, Tenn. at the Illinois Central interchange.

GM&OHS Life Member Milt Obrock of Chesterfield, Mo sent in a picture of his most recent weathering project, E7A no. 100. Milt says that the weathering was done with powders and a paint brush (no sprays).  Some of the HO Proto 2000 locomotive had details either replaced or redone.  The E-unit's later-years look of being 'rode hard, and put away wet' is captured nicely.

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