The Alton Lives !  The Alton Route Employees Credit Union still serves patrons at a new facility in Normal, Illinois.  At its original location adjacent to the Bloomington Shops west entrance the small building still stands, but had its dedication plaque removed and then reinstalled on the front wall of the new credit union.  The large sign along US 51 replicates the distinctive nose markings found on the Alton's E7's, and still looks great.

UPDATE: Sadly, a merger has taken place (we know that feeling), so the Alton Route Credit Union is now known as Prairieland Federal Credit Union--Alton Branch.  Of course the building's dedication stone is still present, as is the nose emblem (though a bit more subdued) on the signage.

< Dedication Plaque.... ......^ Original Building

         ^ Stylish New Signage


 < The nose of Alton 100 in an EMD builder's photo.

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