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This page is dedicated to those who have gone on before.
They can be an employee, modeler, etcetera.
All we ask is that have have a connection to the GM&O (GM&N, M&O, etc,)

To nominate an individual, contact the Webmaster.

Barnes, GaryLife Member  
Bullerman, RobertPhotographerNews 129, Calendars 
Church, Thomas RevFriend of the GM&OHS  
Cook, HughMember  
Davidson, RossMember  
Folk, NicholasGeneral ForemanS. Joliet Roundhouse 
Liberta, MarkWebmaster/Modeler GM&O
Manson, GeorgeElectricianVeniceGM&O
Manson, ThomasCarman/InspectorUnion Station/VeniceGM&O
Manson, William (Bill)Carpenter/CarmanMurphysboro/VeniceGM&O
Parks, WilliamLife Member  
Shramm, Robert Founding MemberStation agent-operatorGM&O
Stringham, PaulMemberPhotographer 
Townsend, FredModeler GM&O