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We have a first class ticket waiting for you, to join fellow enthusiasts who share an interest in the GM&O and its predecessor lines.  Our Society is a not-for-profit organization with over 750 members who live in most of the 50 states and several foreign countries. Among the best railroad historical societies, the GM&OHS preserves the history of the company, its operations and equipment.
Contact Information
A complete list of current officers, directors, committee chairmen, moderators, and coordinators for all areas of Society endeavor may be found with corresponding postal and electronic mail information.  Please feel free to contact any person listed with your questions about a given area, or for general questions, email the WebTeam using the link at the bottom left of this page.
Our History
During the spring of 1972, as the inevitable merger between the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad and the Illinois Central Railroad loomed on the horizon, GM&O employee and fan Doug Steurer proposed the formation of a society to keep the memory of his beloved GM&O Railroad alive. Unfortunately, Doug was to die in an auto accident before this came to pass but his friends kept the dream alive and in the fall of 1972 formed the GM&O Historical Society. At almost the same time, Art Richardson of Jackson, Mississippi was forming a similar group. After several correspondences, the two fledgling societies became one.  More...
Yahoo! Groups List
The Society maintains an associated email list for all interested persons regardless of membership status with the GM&OHS.  Discussion on operations, equipment, modeling and upcoming events are typical areas of discussion on this moderated list.  Group members can access the message archives, photo and file areas, and post messages about GM&O related topics.
GM&OHS By-Laws
The Society’s ruling By-Laws are made available here for review.   An index page with hyperlinks is provided for quick reference, followed by the 16 booklet pages.
Society Archives
In 1993, the Society’s Archives were placed with the Mercantile Library in St. Louis.  This entity has since been absorbed into the University of Missouri-St. Louis library.  A catalog was produced which lists the materials housed in the collection. A Guide to the Gulf,Mobile & Ohio Historical Society Collections in the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library, 1996 is available here.
Membership Forms for Distribution
Many of our members attend a variety of gatherings, shows, and meets during the year.  If you think you may have the opportunity to recruit a new member or two while at one of these events, be a GM&OHS Ambassador by handing out a few of these Membership Flyers to interested parties.  The form is created with color, but may also be printed in black and white (though it won’t look quite as snazzy).  Thanks to all our members who spread the word about the GM&O Historical Society far and wide!

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