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GM&O Historical Society Special Edition HO Cars

We are currently offering an AMB kit for the GM&O wood sided caboose in two version. Click here for the flyer

In recent years, GM&O fans have enjoyed a greater variety of models from numerous manufacturers.  Some of these are very accurate in paint and detail, while others are less so.

The Society’s Special Run car program began during a darker time for GM&O modelers.  Back in 1981, there was little in the way of variety, and what was available was frequently incorrect in lettering and/or body style with regards to the prototype.  The first efforts of the Society addressed the desire to see more choices available, and as the years progressed, and more accurate models became available, more attention was paid to prototypically correct models in terms of body styles.  Today, the first question asked of a project proposal is whether there is a suitable model available with which to begin.  This is followed by researching the correct paint, lettering and its placement, and what years the car was in service.  Current models stay as faithful to these tenants as much as possible.

Special Edition Car listings can be seen on the Product Database page.

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