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Please allow 8 to 10 days for delivery.
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After many years, the famous Banana Reefers Order yours today! make their return! These are HO Scale R-40-23 refrigerator cars from InterMountain Railway Co. and will represent some of the leased NRC fleet of cars which featured GM&O sans-serif font lettering and black colored wing logos.

Care has been taken to avoid duplicating any road numbers previous production runs of years past (from both the GM&OHS and End Cab Models) enabling those who own those cars to simply add to your existing fleet with no conflicts. GM&O assembled long blocks (complete trains) of these leased cars to haul bananas northward from the port of Mobile, Alabama during the late 1940s to early 1960s period.

This car will be a MUCH better detailed model than any previous attempts at these cars, since they all used the much simpler Athearn car as a starting point. The models will come fully assembled featuring etched metal roof walks, metal wheel sets, separately applied grab irons, air hoses, brake rigging, and Kadee couplers.

Six individual car numbers will be produced, cars numbered 19526, 19578, 19607, 19613, 19633, and 19734.

We are offering the reefers for sale in 6-car sets so that you can easily create your own Banana Unit Train of individually-numbered cars.

Click here to print a pdf form to mail-in for your GM&OHS 2018 Reefers!

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Our very own David Johnston now has a book available.

A VERY, VERY limited number are available by mail thru a mail-in flyer. It is NOT available thru the GM&OHS website on PayPal.
Click here to open the pdf file to print out and mail in. This link will be removed when this SPECIAL offer expires.

GM&OHS 2014 Cabooses

The GM&O Historical Society is proud to announce the release of its latest model project in conjunction with American Model Builders, Inc. (AMB Laser Kit). The 4-window, center cupola, former Mobile & Ohio wood caboose . GM&O owned 56 of these cars (nos. 2847 - 2903), which saw service system-wide, especially in the Southern Region.

Originally, these cars featured typical wood car-era construction:

We are offering the M&O caboose kit in two versions:
Total production limited to 200 kits, 150 board-sided cars and 50 plywood-sided cars.
Decals will be available through Delta Press.

Please note this is a craftsman-type kit. Click here to see an assembled kit. Advance modeling skills are required for assembly. Painting is required. Kit parts are not painted. A decal sheet from Delta Press is included. Trucks and couplers are not included.

GM&OHS News Back Issues

Over the past 37 years the GM&OHS has published over 2600 pages of our flagship publication, the GM&OHS News. This high-quality photo journal features in-depth articles on just about every facet of the GM&O and its predecessors. Each issue is packed with exhaustively researched articles and photographs of GM&O people, railroad operations and equipment, drawings, maps and timetable reproductions. Back Issues are a superior resource for model railroaders and historians alike.

Our top-rated photo magazine is printed on glossy stock in an 11x8.5" format designed to compliment large photo reproduction. The GM&OHS News is provided as a benefit of membership.

Back-issues are available in EXTREMELY limited quantities, so don't delay if a particular issue or disc is something you need for your library.
CD-1 to CD-15 will be discontinued when sold out.

We are now publishing discs in a pdf document. The CD/DVD will launch a menu when you insert the disc into your computer.

The NEW disc issues are released by decade:
The 1970s, covers 1974 to 1979 Only $15
The 1980s, covers 1980 to 1989 Only $25
The 1990s, covers 1990 to 1999 Only $25
The 2000s, covers 2000 to 2009 Only $25
The 2010s - 2014, covers 2010 to 2014 Only $15
The 2015s - 2019, covers 2015 to 2019 Only $15
The 2010s, will cover 2010 to 2019 Only $25 - This is a preorder to be shipped in January 2020.
All discs will contain calendars if they were offered.


New and continuing members can now pay their annual dues online through PayPal. One need not have an established account with PayPal to use this service. An opportunity to create a PayPal account will be offered during checkout, but is not required.

1952 Directory of Industries, Firms and Warehouses CD

A valuable resource for the historian and modeler alike, this CD reproduction of the 1952 Shippers Directory lists all online industries served by the GM&O and Gulf Transport Co. outside of Chicago and St. Louis.

All items offered by the GM&O Historical Society may be purchased through PayPal, or by way of printable order forms.

International Orders and Postage

With the exception of Membership orders where the cost is known and stated, persons living outside the United States wishing to order items need to contact the Society in order to get a postal shipping quote. Please list all items desired in your email.

Please allow 8 to 10 days for delivery.
If you haven't received and email or the merchandise, please CONTACT US
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