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P.O. Box 382303

Germantown, TN



Joe Hunt President
Jason Parham Vice President
Gary Osing Secretary
David M. Johnston Treasurer

Board of Directors: Andrew Sisk
Dwaine Hubbell
Tim Hubbell
Jeff McWilliams
Dennis Manson

Publication Committee

Andy Sisk - Chair
Todd Gillespie - Editor and Art Director
Jason Parham - Modeling Committee
Dennis Manson Webteam Coordinator
Dennis Manson - moderator

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Society Information

How the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Historical Societyy got its start.

Society Archives
In 1993, the Society’s Archives were placed with the Mercantile Library in St. Louis.  This entity has since been absorbed into the University of Missouri-St. Louis library.  A catalog was produced which lists the materials housed in the collection. A Guide to the Gulf,Mobile & Ohio Historical Society Collections in the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library, 1996 is available here.

We are often asked about donations. The Gulf Mobile & Ohio Historical Society is classified as a 501c for tax purposes. A monetary donation may be made thru PayPal in any amount. If you are donating and would like a receipt for your taxes, email the secretary.

Membership Forms for Distribution
Many of our members attend a variety of gatherings, shows, and meets during the year. If you think you may have the opportunity to recruit a new member or two while at one of these events, be a GM&OHS Ambassador by handing out a few of these Membership Flyers to interested parties. The form is created with color, but may also be printed in black and white (though it won’t look quite as snazzy). Thanks to all our members who spread the word about the GM&O Historical Society far and wide!


We also have a page dedicated to members and employees of the railroad who have passed on.
If you would like to honor someone, send the webmaster an email with the information.

Announcing our new list server for the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Historical Society!
Basically, it is a replacement of the old Yahoo group. It is a closed group in that you have to be approved to join. This should keep the spam down - I hope.
If you have any problems/questions, send an email to the moderator